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Venezia / 79 Mostra internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica - 2022, 31st August - 10th September

ADR DISTRIBUTION present at the 2022 Film Festival.

Sunny Side of the Doc 2022 - La Rochelle, 2022 June, 20-23

ADR DISTRIBUTION partecipates to the International Marketplace for Documentary and Narrative Experiences.

DIANA - The Ultimate Truth

Cannes - 59 MIPTV 2022, April 04th-06th

ADR DISTRIBUTION is back and is ready to meeting.

Atlantide, storie di Uomini e Mondi: ZELENSKY eroe per caso, La7 – 2022 March 09th

ADR DISTRIBUTION has provided to a special film on Volodymyr Zelensky on La7 Channel Tv.

Berlin - 72.Berlinale - European Film Market, 2022. February 10th - 20th

ADR DISTRIBUTION is participating at the European Film Market of the 72. Berlinale 2022 from 10 to 17 February 2022, and at the International Film Festival.

MIA Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo - Roma - 2021, October 13th-17th

ADR DISTRIBUTION participates in attendance at MIA 2021 in Roma.

Cannes - MIPCOM/MIPJUNIOR - 2021, October 14th-17th


Venezia / 78 Mostra internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica - 2021, September 01st-11th

ADR DISTRIBUTION excited in presence of Venice Film Festival 2021.

Toronto - HOTDOCS 2021, April 29th/ May 9th


Cannes - MIPTV Digital+ 2021. April 12th-16th

ADR DISTRIBUTION is already online.

Berlin - 71.Berlinale - European Film Market, 2021. March 1st - 5th

Inside the ITALIAN PAVILLION you can meet us: ADR DISTRIBUTION participates in the European Film Market at 71. Berlinale 2021.

Santa Monica - AFM American Film Market, November 2-7, 2020

ADR DISTRIBUTION is already online.

Tokyo Gap-Financing Market 2020, November 4th - 6th

ADR DISTRIBUTION participates online at TGFM 2020, the FILM and TV Audiovisual Market held in Tokyo during TIFFCOM 2020 - Tokyo International Film Festival.

Rome Film Festival 2020, 15th - 25th October

ADR DISTRIBUTION is taking part in the Rome Film Festival 2020.

Cannes - MIPCOM Online+ October 2020

ADR DISTRIBUTION is still online.

Venezia / 77 Mostra internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica - 2020, 02nd - 12th.Sept

ADR DISTRIBUTION thrilled to be present at the Venice Film Festival 2020.

Rome Film Fest, 2019 October 17th/27th

ADR DISTRIBUTION join the beautiful Rome Film Festival.

MIA, International Audiovisual Market - Roma, 2019 October 16th/20th

ADR DISTRIBUTION is here with Alessia, and ... Alessia.

Cannes, 2019 October 14th-17th October

Happy to present you our best products!

NON FARMI MURO - German Week in Italy, Roma 2019 October 6th-13th

Alessia with ADR and German Film.

Venezia / 75 Mostra internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica - 2018, 29th.Aug - 08th.Sept

ADR DISTRIBUTION is here to work and choose for you!

Moscow - 28th/30th May 2019

Erika Scandone is present at the World Content Market 2019.

Madrid - 2019, 26th/28th May

Alessia Ratzenberger is present at the RTVE SHOWCASE 2019.

Roma - 2019, May

Alessia Ratzenberger with Thomas von Steinaecker, Director and Screenwriter of Leonard Bernstein: A Genius Divided.

Roma, The American University of Rome - 2019, 09th April

C A R E E R - F A I R
Maria Grazia met with the students to talk about her experience
at ADR DISTRIBUTION and in her career in general.

France - Cannes 2019, 8th/11th April

MipTV - The International Market for Content Development and Distribution

ADR DISTRIBUTION is there with Alessia e Erika, and as always is happy and honored to meet you!

arte, Headquarter in Strasbourg - 2019, 26./27. March

MEETING - ADR DISTRIBUTION has arranged these meetings.

Bocconi University Milan - 2019, 26th February


69*Berlinale - International Film Festival 7th/17th February, 2019

ADR DISTRIBUTION is present at the 69* International Film Festival in Berlin and you can find us at the EFM European Film Market.

Amsterdam - International Documentary Film Festival - 14th/25th November, 2018

ADR was present and participated with Erika.

46* International Emmy© Awards - New York, 16th/19th November, 2018

Alessia Ratzenberger as juror is proud to have participated in the panels and awards ceremony of the 46* International Emmy© Awards in New York City - Midtown Manhattan.

MIA, International Audiovisual Market - Roma, 17th/21st October, 2018

ADR DISTRIBUTION is present with Alessia, Maria Grazia and Giulia.

Roma / Goethe House, via del Corso - 17th October, 2018

A D R Distribution is proud to announce the beginning of the adventure of arte in italiano!

From Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

Rom / Villa Almone, Residence of the Ambassador - 26th Semptember, 2018

Alessia Ratzenberger in the selfie with the Germany Ambassador Viktor Elbling!

Venezia / 75 Mostra internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica - 29.08 - 08.09 2018

ADR DISTRIBUTION is too proud to be here !

Roma - Embassy of Germany - 28 June 2018

Alessia Ratzenberger invited by HE Annette Schavan Ambassador of the Republic of Germany to the Holy See in the reception of farewell to the seat.

Granollers (Barcellona) ESP - Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts - 6/7 June 2018

ADR DISTRIBUTION is proud to have our Erika Scandone as rapporteur.

RAI - headquarters in viale Mazzini - 7 April 2018

Alessia Ratzenberger juror at 2018 'Semi Final Round of Judging’ of the 46th International Emmy© Awards 2018.

Cinecittà, Roma - 3 May 2018

ADR DISTRIBUTION is present at the presentation of the '1st Week of Italian Cinema in the World', an initiative for the diffusion of Italian film professions around the world, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the General Directorate of Cinema, ANICA, Istituto Luce and the Italian Trade Agency.

MipTV - Cannes - 2018, April 9-12

ADR DISTRIBUTION is there and as always is happy and honored to meet you!

Bocconi University Milan - 2018, 27th February


29* Trieste Film Festival - 2018, January 19-28.

When East Meets West - 2018, January 21-23

ADR DISTRIBUTION this year is present at the 29th. Trieste Film Festival, and at East & West Productions Focus.

75* Golden Globe Awards, Hollywood Foreign Press Association - Los Angeles, January 8, 2018

«In the Fade» wins the Best Motion Pictures Foreign Language, by the director Fatih Akin. Katja's (Diane Kruger) life collapses after the death of her husband and son in a bomb attack. After a time of mourning and injustice, Katja seeks revenge.

45* International Emmy Awards - New York, 18-20 novembre 2017

ADR is proud to have participated in the panels and awards ceremony of the 45* International Emmy Awards in New York City.

12* Cinema Film Festa - Roma, 26 October / 5 November 2017

The great Cinema in the world that ADR knows and helps to spread.

MIA, International Audiovisual Market- Roma, 19/23 October 2017

You can find ADR as a solid and reliable Italian partner!

MipCOM + Mip - Cannes, 14-15/16-19 October 2017

ADR is there, as always!

Roma - Casa del Cinema, DEKALOG ... YOU SHALL NOT KILL! - 13/15 October 2017

ADR DISTRIBUTION has organised this German Film Festival on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Lutheranism. Already award-winning films in Germany and inspired by the Decalogo were presented. With the help of' Stiftung St. Matthäus' and' Guardini Stiftung'.

Venezia / Lido, International Film Festival - 30.08 - 09.09 2017

ADR DISTRIBUTION has as always been proudly present.

Vatican City, Palazzo San Carlo, Filmoteca Vaticana - 9 June 2017

ADR DISTRIBUTION is honored to accept the invitation to the docu Premiere:
Leardership & Pope Francis directed by Antonio Olivié.

Bocconi University Milan - 2017, 1st March


link - Recruiting Date 2017

Bocconi University Milan - 2017, 1st March


Your chance to meet a selected group of employers in the Arts, Media & Entertainment industries and discover their internship and job opportunities. The event is an informal networking session to present your application in person and to get useful information about companies and their recruiting processes and career paths. The Recruiting Date Arts, Media & Entertainment is reserved to students and graduates from Bocconi Master of Science Programs and Pre-experience Masters (up to three years after completing their studies).

67*Berlinale - International Film Festival 9/19 febbraio2017

ADR DISTRIBUTION will as always present at the 67* International Film Festival in Berlin and you can find us at the EFM European Film Market.

Circolo del Ministero degli Affari Esteri - party 04febbraio2017

ADR DISTRIBUTION was pleased to organize and participate in the private party of the year in Rome.

'La Nuvola' EUR Convention Center - opening October 28th,2016

The New Convention Center 'the Cloud' in the EUR district in Rome, is a building intended to equip the capital of a modern and charming Conference Center that can host various events, from conferences to exhibitions and shows. We proudly have witnessed this city-monument birth.

Vatican Gardens - visit October 26th,2016

In the unique setting in the world, we got to enjoy the natural and architectural beauties of the Vatican Gardens in a new and sustainable way.

MipCOM + Mip - Cannes, October 14/20,2016

Still again, we're there and you can find us always smiling and proactive.

Sky 3D VINTAGE - ON AIR, October 8th,2016

An experience that leaves you breathless, the images out of the screen.

Sky 3D VINTAGE - Roma-Cinecittà DRIVE IN, October 2nd,2016

The search for historical films makes us find in a ... vintage… world. Fantastic party!

Sky 3D VINTAGE - Venice, September 5th,2016

A dream come true. To reconstruct the history of the 3D was an exciting adventure, hunting for films around the world.

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